Some Film & Production Tools

Below some little utilities. They all are big time savers, or allow you to get access to data of your projects that normally are hard to get or to change.

Let me know what you think.

X-Title Importer (XTI) is a small donation/freeware which allows an easy import of YouTube SBV, Spruce STL, Subrib SRT and many other subtitle files into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.

You even can convert "Untimed Text" or create YouTube Chapters. A simple editor lets you preview and search your titles before you convert them. View more

is a small donation/freeware which allows an easy to export of titles or any type of captions from FCP X to WebVTT, Subrib SRT, Adobe Encore script, Avid DS Caption, Texas Instruments DCP and Spruce STL.

Even more exciting: you can convert any closed caption track into an open caption track using the TextUp Motion Titles or a template of your choice. This makes it the perfect companion when working with Facebook or other social media.
Last not least, Motion Title based open captions can be converted to SRT or ITT closed captions tracks with a snap of the fingers. View more

X-Title premiereTitles (PTi) is a small donation/freeware for subtilte import and export for Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 - 2020. It is a unique tool which allows an easy import and export of a wide range of subtitle format files both from to and from "Essential Graphics" type titles. View more

SRT4Translation (S4T) is a small donation/freeware. It is a simple and efficient tool to check and prepare SRT files for translation or simply change encoding. View more

stripSRT- a simple and unique drag'n drop tool to clean srt caption files for FCP and other apps
It removes html-like formatting flags from SRT files to make them compatible with Apple's Final Cut Pro, Facebook, YouTube etc. View more

Untimed Caption Tool (UCT) is a small donation/freeware. Working with NLEs and captions using untimed text from a transcript, song text, lyrics, poem etc can be a tedious job. This free helper app lets have you more fun when working with "untimed" text and captions. It combines the little "line wrapping tool" I already created with a "line splitting tool" and some text automatisation. So basic SRT, VTT, AVID and FCP caption files can be created with the snap of a finger. View more

X-Overlay App (XOA) is a small donation/freeware for Final Cut Pro X (10.4.9+). It allows to create and manage custom overlays with a few simple clicks – this never had been easier. And again, it's free. View more

A common thing: opening "foreign" libraries or libraries unused for a while Final Cut Pro might tell you that fonts or templates are missing. Often for missing fonts this font/font face will be replaced by the "default font" of the template and some parameters will be reset. Also the problem may arise that FCP might save this change - which is very annoying. This mini-app searches a library (.fcpbundle) for all fonts and external motion templates, lists them and warns if something is missing. And – it's free. View more

Often enough users have to create the structure for Motion Templates, also often enough typing errors are made during this process. To make things a bit easier I created a little AppleScript app to create the Motion Template folders both at User and System level. It's a 2-click action and you're sure you haven't made any typos. It's free. Download

Some legacy things

X-FX Handler (OS < Mojave)
Is a small donation/freeware which allows to disable, enable or remove effects in a Final Cut Pro project using XML and creating reports which will help to sync user and machines. It is not recommend to use this app with versions < 10.1.x of FCP X. But it can used just to list the effects which are needed for a project. View more

Motion Template Tool for Apple's FCPX (OS < Mojave)
Is a small donation/freeware which allows to install custom Motion Templates in an easy way for FCPX users. View more

TitleExchange (OS < Mojave)
Is a small donation/freeware which allows to juggle subtitles within several applications. View more

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